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Pamper Deluxe Bundle

Pamper Deluxe Bundle!!

The full pamper experience.

Do you love The Beauty of Eczema™ products? If so, treat yourself to the full range with this bunde. The hydrating Skin Warrior Wash and two sizes of the Calming Cream, handy to have at home in your bathroom and one for your handbag when on the go. Plus enjoy our deeply nourishing bathing products which are perfect for those pamper days!

In this bundle you will receive:

Calming Cream 200ml  x 1 RRP inc VAT £22

Calming Cream 100ml x 1 RRP inc VAT £14

Skin Warrior Wash 200ml  x 1 RRP inc VAT £17.50

Pamper Me Bathing Oil 200ml x 1 RRP in VAT £24

Salty Soother 400g  x 1 RRP inc VAT £15

Lots of love & positive vibes angel! X