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Top Sellers Bundle

Our Top Sellers Bundle!:butterfly::two_hearts:

With high demand for a bundle containing our best selling products, here you are my lovelies!

In this bundle you will receive:

Calming Cream 200ml x 2 RRP inc VAT £44

Skin Warrior Wash 200ml x 2 RRP inc VAT £35

Total RRP inc VAT £79, but you'll get all of these pampering products for £70!

Saving you a total of £9 plus FREE SHIPPING! :butterfly:

Enjoy pampering angels! x


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super soft

Fabulous moisturising cream with a naturally delicate rose scent 🌸


After moving to France a couple of years ago I found the water here dried out my skin here terribly ! But now using the warrior wash and calming cream afterwards my problems are solved ! It also helps with the drying effects of sun and swim especially as I have a naturally dry skin which is subject to dry patches if neglected! Highly recommend the Top Sellers Bundle - excellent value for money ! Will be ordering more !

Awesome Products

I have only fairly recently had a diagnosis of eczema and having gone through 2 years of conventional steroid creams etc. I started a search for more holistic ways of dealing with what is a long term condition. I went for the best sellers because I felt it was the best way to explore the products as the brand is new to me. I love the whole ethos behind the brand and Camille is such an authentic face of the brand. Just fabulous products, so soothing and nourishing as well as the fact that the packaging - pink and gold, had me sold! Great job!!

Calming cream / salty soother & skin warrior wash

Loving all these products although I am running short very quickly would need to order regularly however prices is quite high to be ordering again every 2 /3 weeks which is currently how fast I as am going through these products with regular use.