Camille's Story

Hey Angel, it's a pleasure to meet you!

The brand name The Beauty of Eczema™ was born from my lifelong struggle with the condition. I couldn't say the E word let alone call it beautiful, after it left me hospitalized in 2013. Through this journey to glowing skin and a fun positive life, I found that my skin was not my enemy. It was secretly my best friend all along. What I believe is that when my skin flares up, or it's feeling more sensitive, it's because I am FEELING more sensitive and out of alignment. My skin is a sign from my body to tune in, slow down and make some necessary changes to GLOW. These could be getting out in nature, dosing up on sleep, setting new boundaries, changing my living environment and so on. When I tuned into my body, I found that it gave me signs all along on how to take care of myself. I found that my skin is my friend and is looking out for me and guiding me to live my BEST life, and for that, I am truly grateful. That is why the brand is called The Beauty of Eczema™, and my hope is to inspire you, and share my knowledge so you can see the same in your skin too. 

Where to start on this journey? I would first reccomend reading my book and learning about the HOPE principles. Then you can look at the my products that support you in following these. 

From one skin angel to another, I want to remind you how brave you are, how beautiful and how loved you are. I understand and I am supporting you all the way. 

Lots of love & positive vibes, Camille xx

Camille Knowles is the best-selling author of The Beauty of Eczema™ and founder of The Beauty of Sensitive Skin™. She is also a qualified Health Coach and Natural Chef. 

Camille is on a mission to share her wisdom and inspire those with dry and sensitive skin to live their most glowing life! Since launching The Beauty of Eczema ™ book in September 2018, thousands of skin angels have been given the gift of HOPE. 

Since then, Camille has continued to inspire the lives of sensitive skin angels worldwide. From the Positive Vibes Self-care affirmation cards, the Positive Scribes journalThe Beauty of Eating Well by Camille Knowles™ cookbook and now The Beauty of Sensitive Skin™ skincare range.