Calming Cream 200ml / 6.7 fl. oz


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We are no longer manufacturing the skincare so it will sadly not be back stock.

Face, Body & Hand Natural Daily Moisturiser for dry & sensitive skin

● Suitable for face, hands and body.

● Dermatologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin prone to eczema, rosacea prone, psoriasis prone, acne prone skin

● Immediate absorption, Non-sticky, non-greasy texture

● Excellent underneath foundation makeup

● Gentle Nature Botanical fragrance, less than 1%

● 97.9% naturally derived, Vegan & Cruelty free

● Money back guarentee if your skin does not love it!

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

OMEGA 3 & 6: Balance essential fatty acids are especially important for dry skin conditions, helping to keep skin well balanced and healthy.

OAT LIPIDS: Derived from oat oil. Oat lipids contain the highest natural levels of Vitamin E, proven to protect the skin.

BIOECOLIA®: A PREBIOTIC to help balance the microbiota(ecosystem) of the skin, encouraging beneficial skin flora.

RHAMNOSOFT®: A fermented sugar-based ingredient which protectsand is proven to boost comfort for happy skin.

Safety For Sensitive Skins

Safety For Sensitive Skins

We take the testing of our products seriously, and the whole collection has undergone rigorous testing through "Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing" with our expert team to ensure they are safe for sensitive skin.

Made in UK.Vegan and cruelty free. Dermatologically tested. Infused with crystals. 97.9% naturally derived. Suitable for babies.

CRYSTAL EXTRACTS: SMITHSONITE & RHODOCHROSITE to focus on when you affirm 'I am Glowing' and maintain a positive mindset while applying the products.