A Gift Guide For You & Your Best Friend
June 05, 2021

A Gift Guide For You & Your Best Friend

June the 8th every year is National Best Friend’s Day and it’s all about celebrating the friendships that are so important to us. 

I am a huge advocate for having supportive relationships, in my HOPE Principles, S stands for Stress & Support! Having support and love in your life is incredibly powerful. It is something I talk about a lot in my book The Beauty of Eczema. 
Can you imagine this world without any friends? We absolutely need our friends through all phases of life. Through the highs and the lows. The interesting thing is, even science agrees. 

Here are some fun scientific facts about friendship!

+ Animals can form lifelong friendships with individuals that are not from their own species! 
Many studies have shown that chimpanzees, baboons, horses, elephants and dolphins make friends with other species - and these friendships can last a lifetime! 
+ Friendship is the emotion babies recognise even before they start walking or talking! 
+ And of course, friendship is important for our health!
Emotional support through listening to your friends, doing nice things for each other and having someone to talk through your feelings with - are just a few of the benefits of having close friendships! 
So in the spirit of doing nice things for each other, here is a little gift guide to celebrate our friendships! 

For The Friend New To The Beauty of Eczema: The Starter Kit

This bundle is an ideal starter kit to get you & your friend familiar with our products. Our award winning Calming Cream is packed with natural moisturising ingredients to help make your skin glow. Along with the Calming Cream you will receive a Skin Warrior Wash which has been carefully formulated with skin-friendly gentle cleansing ingredients for pure indulgence for sensitive skin.

The bundle will also include The Beauty of Eczema™ E-Book so you can sit back and relax and read all about the brand story behind these amazing products!




For The Friend Who Is A Book Worm: The Book Bundle



We all have that one (or two) friends that just cannot put a good book down! In this bundle you will get my original book, as well as a recipe book, a journal and a food diary! 

For The Friend Who Loves a Pamper Session: Pamper Essentials

You cannot go wrong with this gorgeous bundle of products.  Try this bundle to start exploring the range. The hydrating Skin Warrior Wash and two sizes of the Calming Cream, handy to have at home in your bathroom and one for your handbag when on the go.
We hope you enjoyed this gift guide & we look forward to celebrating Best Friend's Day with you next week!

Lots of love & positive vibes,

Camille 💋 xx