Why are we called The Beauty of Eczema™?
April 07, 2021

Why are we called The Beauty of Eczema™?

Discovering a brand called ‘The Beauty of Eczema’ might strike some of you as a little strange. After all, skin conditions like eczema can be uncomfortable and upsetting. However, it’s so important to know that if you have dry or sensitive skin, you are not alone. The Beauty of Eczema is a brand founded on the very principle of making sure those who struggle with their skin know they are not going through it on their own.


Our founder, Camille Knowles, has been through it all first-hand and has since found her own path for glowing skin that she shares with others through The Beauty of Eczema. Through her story, many others have found hope and support on their own skincare journey.


In the beginning


Camille was first diagnosed with eczema at the age of 6, and as she got older it bothered her more and more. 

Discovering natural health and natural remedies, Camille attempted to get more in control of her condition by looking into her diet. However, between balancing university, a restrictive diet, alcohol and poor sleep, Camille’s skin condition quickly became difficult to manage.


At age 20, Camille travelled to California on a study abroad programme which opened her eyes to a new lifestyle, with lots of travelling, fresh air, fresh food and exercise. It worked wonders for her skin and as a result she was glowing! Returning from California, Camille threw herself into getting organised, trying to find a house while starting a new internship, while living on a juice diet.


The internship and long commute quickly began taking its toll, together with little sleep. Eventually, at age 21, Camille was hospitalised due to a possible skin infection, because of her eczema.


The gift of knowledge


Being told that she was going to have eczema / sensitive skin for the rest of her life was devastating, with doctors recommending internal steroids and ani-depressants to cope.

It was in the moments of despair Camille found HOPE. Camille went on a mission to find ways to keep her body healthy and skin glowing. This was trial and error over many months, but sooner or later she started to see the magic from such simple lifestyle changes.


From Sleeping better, to cultivating an attitude of gratitude, to finding suitable skincare for sensitive skin, cultivating a life purpose, exercising, eating well and getting out in nature were all part of her lifestyle now. Along with managing stress and reaching for support.


Seeing the beauty in it all


If it hadn’t been for Camille’s skin, she wouldn’t have made choices such as going to California, or discovered the power of positive affirmations. She also wouldn’t have discovered her zinc deficiency.


Camille began to realise that her skin was a springboard to uncover new life lessons and ultimately help others too. She began to have the confidence to follow her ambitions, and in 2017 she became a qualified health coach. In April 2018 she became a qualified natural chef and in September 2018, Camille launched her first book which then became an Amazon best seller!


The ‘Beauty’ Camille found in her skin was that it is her “inner friend” that tells her when something isn’t right and she needs to tune in. That may be dosing up on sleep, it may be a change in career or home environment. Whatever it is, Camille now sees her skin as a messenger to her BEST LIFE and hopes to view all difficulties in that way and inspire others to do so too.


Camille wants readers to know they can be imperfectly perfect, imperfectly beautiful. The Beauty of Eczema is seeing the beauty, the hidden treasure in something that wasn’t there before.


Now, The Beauty of Eczema book is here to help others find hope and support in their journey to manage their skin, alongside a range of skincare products to pamper from head to toe.