Flying The Nest To University
September 07, 2022

Flying The Nest To University

Welcome beautiful!

We are quickly waving goodbye to summer, but that is not the only thing that some of us are waving goodbye to. This time of year marks the point where a new group of young people pack their bags and embark on a new stage of their life at university. It is a huge step and an incredibly exciting time, but for those with sensitive skin there can be many extra issues to overcome.

Important Relationships

Being away from home for the first time means that new relationships are formed, some which will last a lifetime, but it can also highlight the importance of the relationships that have been in place up until now. If you or someone you know is preparing to leave, they will be leaving a lot behind, including their normal support networks. If they have any type of skin sensitivity, then there is probably someone that they are used to falling back on when they face tricky points with their skin or mood.

Recently, I talked about how vital good relationships can be when dealing with a skin condition in my blog ‘You’ve Got A Friend’. It is therefore important to make sure that they know that those relationships are still there, even if they are over the phone. You can also encourage your loved one to be honest with new friends that they trust in order to ensure there is someone close at hand when they need them.

Taking Care Of Sensitive Skin

Students are notoriously short of money, and so taking good care of their skin can often take a back seat as other things take priority in their finances. Now is a great time to stock up on extra products to take with them including The Beauty of Eczema™ products. It can give you both peace of mind that their skin can be looked after easily, and that they have everything they need close to hand.

You can buy everything they need, including the amazing Skin Warrior Wash and Calming Cream online. You can find us on too!

Eating Well

Every student takes advantage of their new found freedom to leave behind some of the good habits they had at home. This can often mean lots of takeaways and other foods that their skin will not thank them for. Send them off with my The Beauty of Eating Well™ cookbook and they will always have some healthy mealtime inspiration that they can turn to.

It is packed with recipes that are good for the whole body, using natural and delicious ingredients that will leave your skin glowing. They are incredibly easy to make and there are some wonderful sharing recipes that they can make for all of their friends too. Order the book now here and enjoy the time practising recipes together as part of some quality time before they go. Yes, the cookbook is available on Amazon too! 

Wishing you and your loved ones a positive start to the academic year.  You’ve got this!

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx