New Season, New Change
October 06, 2022

New Season, New Change

Hey Beautiful, 

It seems as though summer came to a grinding halt all of a sudden, and we are now firmly in a new season. Whilst this means that temperatures can drop and the weather gets damper, a new season can be a really positive thing.

I love it when the seasons change as it gives me a new energy and encourages me to re-evaluate things and see what I can do to make life better. That’s why I decided to take a look at how you can use the new season to your advantage.

Change your clothing

One of my favourite things about autumn is that I can now reach for some of my favourite jumpers. Those of us with skin conditions often spend the summer hiding patches away whilst everyone else sports short sleeves and bikinis. It can often leave you feeling like the odd one out, but now a hoodie and jeans is perfectly acceptable, not to mention comfortable.

Think about your skin

The change in season is a big consideration for your skin. Not only do you have the colder weather outside to think about, but also the drying effects of central heating. This is when you need to think carefully about how you treat your skin and make sure it gets a little extra attention to make the transition into autumn as kind to your skin as possible.

One of the best things to do is to take the Calming Cream with you wherever you go. If you have it in your car or handbag whenever you are on the school run, going shopping or exercising, you can then put moisture back into your skin as soon as you need it. Allowing your skin to become dry when you have any kind of sensitivity can lead to a lot of discomfort, so the Calming Cream can be a great way to protect yourself from the elements.

Comfort food

The change in temperature means that it is a great way to move away from salads and bring out the comfort food. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you are any less healthy, as you can pack soups and casseroles with loads of great ingredients that help to boost your body and your health. Take a look at The Beauty of Eating Well™ cookbook for some fabulous recipe ideas that can give you a lovely warm and nourished feeling.

Take a bath

During the summer, I find showers refreshing and revitalising, but now is the perfect time to run yourself a bath. You can shut out the cold weather and warm yourself from top to toe with a soak in the bath. Add the Pamper Me Bathing Oil or the Salty Soother bath salts and you can continue to support your skin with soothing hydration. A bath is a perfect way to relax, unwind and warm up while you give your skin a treat too.

You can read some more great tips on How To Get Cosy This Autumn and learn how our HOPE Principles can support you now and all the way through the year.

How you think about the season is important – focus less on the cold and the rain and think more about the golds, the snuggles and the pampering that autumn can bring you. Embrace the change and allow it to be something that works in your favour.

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx