Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3!
June 22, 2022

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3!

Hello beautiful!

I hope the sun is shining for you today.

I have my Calming Cream at the ready whenever I am outdoors so that I can pop a little bit on whenever I feel the need.

I trust our products to work when I need them and to care for my skin because of the amazing journey that my team and I went on to create it. I have always wanted to create my own range of skincare to help people who were in the same situation, but I needed help from various experts along the way. 

I spent a long time searching for scientists that could bring their expertise to my own knowledge and experiences to help develop the brand. That’s why I was so excited to meet the amazing Stewart Long.

Skin Testing Expert

Stewart Long is a leading name in his field and as well as leading Cutest skin testing labsStewart was the President of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists 2020-21, and has twelve years experience at Boots the Chemists as a scientists advising on skincare product development, so my team and I knew that we were working with one of the very best in the skincare industry. Stewart’s role was to put our products through the most rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe for you to use.

This testing is recognised by the FDA and includes irritation tolerance testing, which is performed by nurses and signed off by a consultant dermatologist. He has 30 years of experience in testing products independently to give you absolute confidence in what you use.

We know that you want to be sure every product you use is safe, but you should also be comfortable knowing that it is suitable for your sensitive skin. Not every brand carries out sensitive skin testing on real people, but for me, it was essential. Stewart’s work means that we can back up what we tell you about the products with scientific evidence, including something called a human repeat insult patch test (HRIPT). This is the most sensitive and reliable way of testing skin that has sensitivity to check that the product can be used over long periods of time without creating any form of irritation.

I wanted each of our skincare products to go through HRIPT so we could be sure that I was giving you something fantastic, and so Stewart has put it through the most rigorous form of testing available plus the tests were conducted on people with sensitive and eczema prone skin. Together we  made sure that no stone was left unturned when it came to product  testing so that I knew it would be effective, caring and gentle for everyone to use.

Our promise

We understand what it feels like to live with a skin condition, and how difficult it is to find a product you can trust. I wanted to create something that you love to use, are proud to use and that cares for your skin without triggering flare ups. We have created a dream range of products that I wish I had myself when my skin journey began.  

Each product in the range has been tested thoroughly to benefit those who use them, and everything that we develop in the future will be tested in just the same way too. If you want to know more about Stewart and the work that he has done for us, head over to our YouTube Channel.

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx