The Impact of The Sun on Skin Conditions
August 18, 2022

The Impact of The Sun on Skin Conditions

Hello there gorgeous!

Are you radiant today?

I have been soaking up all of the beautiful summer sun, and I wondered if you have too? It’s my favourite time of year, yes, I’ve always been a sun worshipper!!!

I find that being outdoors plays a huge part in maintaining my mental health, as being amongst nature and breathing in fresh air can help us to reset and restore calm. My skin is usually better in the Summer too with less flare ups. However, many people can worry about what effect the sun might have on their skin conditions, so I thought I would have a look at what it does, and how you can take the best care of your skin.

The Sun’s Rays

We all know that we need to be careful of UV light, but what is it really? The natural energy emitted by the sun contains UV radiation, but this comes in different forms. UVA light has a longer wavelength and is associated with skin ageing whilst UVB has a shorter wavelength and is associated with sunburn.[1] Unprotected exposure to both can be damaging, so you need to make sure that you are always using a good SPF that shows it protects you from both UVA and UVB.

The risks of not protecting yourself in the short term can be sunburn, but in the long term, it can also lead to premature ageing and even skin cancer. And we don’t want that do we! 

Sun on Skin Conditions

How your skin responds to being in the sun when you have a skin condition can vary from person to person, so it is important to take notice of what your skin seems to be telling you. Some of you might find that your skin actually improves with exposure to sunlight, like mine does, which as long as it is done to sensible levels is fine. Exposure to the sun can give you a healthy dose of vitamin D but it can also strip the skin of some of its essential fatty acids. This, in turn, leads to the signs of your skin condition becoming exaggerated as it becomes dehydrated. We don’t want this either! 

Love Your Skin

If you are on holiday, having day trips to the coast or local water side, or simply enjoying your own garden you need to show your skin some love to keep it healthy and cared for. During the summertime I’m constantly applying the Calming Cream and each time I shower off the sand and salt i use the Skin Warrior Wash.

You'll be pleased to know all of The Beauty of Eczema™ products are packed full of natural moisturisers to help hydrate the skin.

Top tip - you can apply the amazing Calming Cream about half an hour before adding sunscreen to give your skin what it needs without diluting the SPF.

Making sure your skin is given the chance to recover after being in the sun is also important. Try relaxing in a bath with the Salty Soother or Pamper Me Bathing Oil, and make sure you regularly apply the Calming Cream to all areas of your body for an extra hit of moisturisation. If your scalp feels like it needs some attention, try washing your hair with the amazing Skin Warrior Wash to gently hydrate and care for your skin and hair.

I want you to be able to enjoy life and be happy in your skin, and the great outdoors as much as I do. So do  use an SPF and if you’re not tried our products yet you can be sure The Beauty of Eczema™ will care for your skin so you can enjoy the sun as much as I do.

Enjoy every moment of what’s left of summer. 

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx