The Importance of Ecotherapy & Mental Health Awareness
May 16, 2021

The Importance of Ecotherapy & Mental Health Awareness

“Look deep into nature & then you will understand everything better”
Albert Einstein

Being outdoors in the fresh air, amongst nature, can do wonders for wellbeing levels. In fact, it’s now been proven that spending time outside, in nature, makes us healthier and happier. 

With this week being #MentalHealthAwarenessweek and the theme for 2021 being Nature. Here at The Beauty of Eczema we wanted to dedicate an article on to one of our key HOPE Principes: Ecotherapy. 

Nature has incredible healing qualities, so much so that ecotherapy is now being prescribed for stress and anxiety. This is because natural landscapes stimulate our “rest and geist” parasympathetic nervous system and sooth our “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system. 

What is Ecotherapy and why is it SO important?


Ecotherapy refers to any outdoor activity which positively impacts our mental and physical wellbeing. It is the practice of being in nature, to boost growth and healing, especially mental health. 

Studies have shown Ecotherapy can:

+ Lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels

+ Reduce nervous system arousal

+ Enhance immune system function

+ Increase self-esteem

+ Reduce anxiety

+ and improve mood.

Venture outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Whether it’s walking in your local park, nature reserve or even a stroll along the beach. Nourish your mind, body and soul, simply by taking in the great outdoors. 

From cycling, to gardening, giving your hand to growing your own veggies, or taking your dog for a walk in the woodland. There are plenty of free activities you can take advantage of, and boost your own well being at the same time. 

Ecotherapy is also a great way to spend time to reflect and practice gratitude. Nature is such a wonderful, powerful source of energy - and we can tap into it, whenever we like! 

Camille encourages you to practice your very own Ecotherapy! 

So here’s to nature, and it guiding us back to a more natural way of living.