Are your kids going back to school?
September 01, 2022

Are your kids going back to school?

Hello lovelies!

I understand that many of you reading this might be mums, and so September is a significant time of year for you.

Summer is saying it’s final goodbyes and the schools are opening their doors for a new year. Second only to January, this is the most popular time to make a change to our lifestyles. Finally, getting the kids out from under our feet gives us the chance to reset and start a new routine. So why shouldn’t you start one for your skin too?

Time Saving

For many of us, the new school term means we need to find ways to save time. There is no more lying in bed in the morning and a leisurely start to the day, instead, we are now geared towards getting small people washed, fed and out of the door, leaving very little time for ourselves. That can mean that our skincare routine takes a backseat in the morning if we don’t want to be getting up with the lark.

Thankfully, The Beauty of Eczema™ has the perfect solution for everyone. Our two-step skincare routine means that your skin can be gently cared for every single day in no time at all. Simply use the incredible Skin Warrior Wash to cleanse your skin and follow it with the deep moisturizing hit of the amazing Calming Cream. You can do this in the morning and at night, and you can even take the Skin Wash into the shower with you for a soothing shampoo.

Mental Health

Having a set routine for just about anything can be a massive benefit to your mental health. It can help you to keep things organised and in order and give you a sense of control in your life. Our Mental Health Matters blog gives a great insight into what it can mean to have a good skincare routine as part of caring for yourself, particularly if you suffer from any kind of skin sensitivities.

Now is a great time to take stock of things and decide what areas of your life you want to change and how they will work around your new schedule.

Sleep tight

Starting the day right can be incredibly important, but so can the way in which you end it. Getting a good sleep routine can not only benefit your mood and your energy levels but also your skin. Of course, I know that this is easier said than done, which is why I have my own calming routine that helps to get me ready for bed and a restful sleep.

I find that meditation is a great way to switch my mind off from the outside world and any intrusive thoughts, focusing on rest and clarity instead. I also find a relaxing bath can be incredibly helpful and adding the Bath Salts or the Bathing Oil all helps to moisturise and soothe my skin, making it more comfortable when I head to bed.

Whatever routine you pick, it needs to be one that works for you and makes your life less stressful, instead of increasing stress levels. Take a step back and look at what you are able to change, whether your kids are starting kindergarten or university this month.

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx